Intermediate Word:  ramate (a) hard-charging  (b) horned  (c) branching  (d) interconnected
Difficult Word: - badderlocks  (a) chastity belt  (b) hair in multiple long thin braids  (c) edible seaweed  (d) buccaneer

Giant Space Blasts a Two-step Process - Space.com    Gamma ray bursts (GRBs) – the harbingers of death for some massive stars – are intense blasts of energy and radiation that eject from massive dying stars.  “The first burst of energy, lasting less than a few minutes, is produced by shockwaves within the collapsing star,” study author Sergio Campana told SPACE.com in an email. “Whereas the longer, less energetic afterglow is produced by collisions between ejected matter and the material around the star, witnessing the X-ray light curves in the transition period from prompt emission to afterglow.”  The soft X-ray afterglow following the initial GRB can last for periods ranging from hours to weeks. This afterglow was initially thought to be the slow fading of the initial burst.  
Charles Darwin Getting creative Harold Evans on the fight in the US over evolution  - BBC  In a nutshell, the ID activists maintain that many forms of life are too complex to have been the result of any random - indeed mindless - natural selection. A highly intelligent supernatural force must have designed, say, the human eye or the neurology of the brain. Yet, as Charles Darwin demonstrated in his book Origin of Species in 1859, we weren't designed by any hidden hand in a single brilliant moment, but have all evolved from lower orders - ape to man - over hundreds of millions of years. To scientists, ID is no more than a priest in lab workers' clothing.    

Russia To Sharply Increase Its 2006 Military Budget - SpaceDaily    Russia plans another substantial increase in defense spending next year to pay for across-the-board military upgrades, development of new weapons systems and improved social benefits for defense-sector employees, news agencies said Wednesday. A draft 2006 budget allocates an increase of nearly 22 percent on this year's defense budget and a figure equivalent to about 2.75 percent of Russia's projected gross national product. The draft 2006 budget heralds a third consecutive year of significant increase in Russian defense spending in real terms, and came as President Vladimir Putin reiterated that upgrading the country's armed forces remained a priority of his presidency

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