Intermediate Word: 
  (a) voodoo simulacrum  (b) hot, sand-laden desert wind   (c) drum set into the ground  (d) shaman's rattle
Difficult Word: - hadal   (a) salty  (b) ocean depths below 6 kilometers  (c) flighty  (d) characterized by knowledge beyond one's years

EPR source, Ursin Teleportation goes long distance  - BBC  Left:  Properties were teleported from one photon to another.  Physicists have carried out successful teleportation with particles of light over a distance of 600m across the River Danube in Austria. Long distance teleportation is crucial if dreams of superfast quantum computing are to be realised. Quantum teleportation could be harnessed for fast, powerful computers or communication networks. Mr Ursin said a next step towards worldwide quantum communication would be to attempt the teleportation of quantum states between particles using a satellite link.  
Pyrros Dimas Bigger, Faster, Stronger - ABC The catalyst is an emerging science called gene modification or gene enhancement. Using it, an athlete could be injected with the DNA of an animal, for example, and quickly become much faster and stronger. "You don't need to lift weights, and you don't need to go on 10-mile runs to train for endurance," explains Peter Weyand, who teach kinesiology the study of muscles and human movement at Rice University in Houston. "It would replace training; it would make training seem trivial and more than obsolete. Somebody who's not athletic at all could be transformed into something superhuman."

ESA/NASA/Yael Naze/You-Hua Chu

Hubble peers at celestial bubble - BBC  The Hubble Space Telescope has peered inside a bubble of interstellar gas and dust that is being inflated by a hurricane of particles emitted from a young star. This nearby star, which has no name, is losing 100 million times more mass per second than our own Sun, generating a torrent of speeding particles. The nebula N44F is one of a handful of known interstellar bubbles. In the past similar structures have been observed around massive stars and also around clusters of stars, where they are called super bubbles. N44F is part of the larger N44 complex, which contains one of these super-bubbles.

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