Intermediate Word:  harbinger (a) used to hold ribs of a boat in place during construction  (b) messenger (c) forerunner  (d) last person to arrive
Difficult Word: - roman ‚ clef  (a) musical staff  (b) novel in which real people are fictionally incorporated  (c) Roman defensive staff  (d) bathtub hand grip

CERN Neutrino Project On Target ... - SpaceDaily  On schedule for start-up in May 2006, CNGS will send a beam of neutrinos through the Earth to the Gran Sasso laboratory 730km away in Italy in a bid to unravel the mysteries of nature's most elusive particles. The neutrinos leaving CERN are mainly of the muon type. Theory says that by the time they get to Gran Sasso, some of them will have changed into tau neutrinos. Detectors under construction at the Gran Sasso laboratory will measure how many tau neutrinos appear. CNGS's neutrino experiments must be extraordinarily sensitive to detect the small number of tau neutrinos appearing in the beam. Just a few a year will be detected at Gran Sasso.    
The massive new survey of stars reveals a definitive bar feature at the centre of the Milky Way, some 27,000 light years in length (Artist's impression: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R Hurt, SSC/Caltech) Bar at Milky Way's heart revealed - New Scientist  The Milky Way is not a perfect spiral galaxy but instead sports a long bar through its centre, according to new infrared observations from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Now, astronomers have used Spitzer to peer through that dust at slightly longer wavelengths, observing 30 million stars in the galactic plane in the region around the centre of the galaxy. "It is a major component of our galaxy and has basically remained hidden until now," says team member Ed Churchwell, an astronomer at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, US. "The fact that it's large means it's going to have a major effect on the dynamics of the inner part of our galaxy." The old, red stars in the bar appear to be on more elliptical paths that take them more directly towards and away from the galaxy's core, where a colossal black hole is thought to lurk.   

Live From The Oshkosh Air Show: Part 3  - Popular Mechanics  Left:  Steve Fossett pilots Burt Rutan's Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer. It has a 114-ft. wingspan and is powered by a single jet engine. The craft is capable of speeds in excess of 285 mph and can fly to 52,000 ft. Meanwhile, the cockpit is only 7.7 ft. long. PHOTO BY ANTHONY GARCIA  This year weíre all excited about situational awareness. And that means bringing the outside into the cockpit. Advances in avionics are putting the most amazing technology, which greatly reduces in-flight workload, at the pilotís fingertips. Now with Terrain Awareness Warning Systems as standard equipment in some aircraft, there's far less excuse for flying into the side of a mountain.     

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