Intermediate Word:  parietal(a) pertaining to the left and right sides of the brain  (b) forming a wall  (c) privately owned  (d) self-centered
Difficult Word: - honan  (a) type of Chinese chicken  (b) martial arts move  (c) evenly colored silk fabric  (d) rice-and-vegetable dish

Climate warning as Siberia melts - New Scientist  THE world's largest frozen peat bog is melting. An area stretching for a million square kilometres across the permafrost of western Siberia is turning into a mass of shallow lakes as the ground melts, according to Russian researchers just back from the region. The sudden melting of a bog the size of France and Germany combined could unleash billions of tonnes of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. the entire western Siberian sub-Arctic region has begun to melt, and this "has all happened in the last three or four years".    
Laredo's missing: Website seeks US victims of Mexico border drug cartels  - BBC  The effect of the brutal drug war being waged in the northern Mexico border town of Nuevo Laredo is being felt in the United States.  William Sleamaker has set up a website to unite the families of the missing, and to demand more information. One of those missing is Yvette Martinez. She has shining brown eyes, a wide, warm smile and her hair bounces in healthy curls around her face. The 28-year-old crossed the border in to Mexico to see a concert in Nuevo Laredo with her friend Brenda Cisneros. They never came back.

Robot's desert trek

Research robot readies for desert duty  - C/Net  "Zoe," a solar-powered rover that resembles a go-cart, is a prototype of an artificially intelligent "astro-biologist," or a robot that can explore and study life in harsh climates. It's been developed and tested by Carnegie Mellon University and NASA's Ames Research Center, which expects to use the underlying technology in future Mars missions. Zoe and a team of researchers will leave in two weeks for a third and final mission to the Atacama Desert in Chile.

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