Intermediate Word: 
  (a) unaffected  (b) pristine  (c) unclothed  (d) supernatural
Difficult Word: - intervate   (a) to plead on behalf of  (b) low-lying land  (c) to intervene financially  (d) to negotiate between two courts

Earth is Rare, New Study Suggests - Space.com  All known extrasolar planets are roughly as massive as Jupiter or much more so. In studying about 100 of these, the scientists found most are similar to one another in terms of orbital characteristics, and that Jupiter is the oddball. "We have shown that the solar system, as represented by Jupiter, is formally not part of the distribution of observed extrasolar planetary systems," Martin Beer of the UK's University of Leicester told SPACE.com.  
Image of milk bottles More proof of vitamin-cancer link  - BBC It may not only be the lack of vitamin D that increases a woman's breast cancer risk but also the way in which the body utilises it, say researchers. Studies have shown vitamin D protects against breast cancer and a lack may contribute to the disease. Now scientists have found women with certain versions of a gene involved in the vitamin's breakdown have a nearly twofold greater risk of breast cancer. These certain versions increased breast cancer risk nearly twofold. Women with these versions may also have a more aggressive form of the disease if the cancer spreads, the researchers believe.

Cosmic Cowboy - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Why does 'life' on other planets have to mean the same thing as life on Earth?"    "Earth is a planet around what is a very common, boring star the Sun," says Cochran. "And there are literally millions of other stars like our Sun nearby, as well as out in the galaxy. There's really no reason to believe that there is not an Earth-like planet with life on it around at least one of those millions of other stars. Discovering new planets is the first step in finding life in outer space I don't know that the average person realizes just how likely it is that life did or does exist on other planets out there. The next step is to find smaller, Earth-like planets around these stars," says Cochran.

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