Intermediate Word:  brogan(a) Irish dock-walloper  (b) ankle-high work shoe  (c) pullover sweater  (d) woven-cloth satchel
Difficult Word: - paxiology  (a) study of the mechanisms promoting peace  (b) inferring behavior and social structure from artifacts  (c) study of human conduct  (d) classification of molluscs

Foundations of Burj Dubai Towering ambition: The world's tallest planned building takes shape in Dubai  - BBC  Left: The foundations are shaped like the flower of a desert lily.  "History Rising" is the slogan of the gigantic construction project set in motion by Dubai ruler Sheikh Muhammad al-Maktoum last year. It has now reached the stage of a 50-metre-deep (165ft) foundation being laid for what is planned as the world's tallest building Dubai Tower. Chicago-based architect Adrian Smith, who designed the building, says he has tried to bridge the gap between Islamic tradition and ultra-modern Western architecture. "The tower goes up in steps in a spiralling way. In Islamic architecture, this symbolises ascending towards the heavens. You know that the exact height is a secret," says Mr Smith. "But it is going to be substantially taller than the highest building, taller than 600 metres." The world's tallest building is currently Taiwan's Taipei 101 at 509 metres, but its glory is about to be eclipsed by mainland China. "Our observation deck will be the highest in the world. It has a non-stop elevator from the ground to the 124th floor. The whole building has about 154 floors.
Alaskan people tell of climate change  - BBC  Left:  The ice in the Arctic is getting much thinner, locals say.  Climatologists and ice and atmosphere scientists have discovered a rich new source of records extending their knowledge back by decades through the oral history of native Alaskans. "Nowadays ice conditions are thinner than in the 1970s and 80s. The ice used to be 20 to 30 feet thick but now it is more like 10 feet thick. "But what can we do? Sometimes I feel sad but we just have to go with what we have got. Up here in the Arctic we are definitely warming up, the polar pack ice has all but gone. In many of the interviews elders make reference to the 1970s as the time that they began to notice changes in the climate,"

Soutra Aisle. Pic:Philip Coppens

Medieval medicine: How archaeologists unearthed ancient potions and cures  - BBC  Left:  All that remains of the hospital.  Anaesthetics and disinfectants are thought to be a modern medical invention but evidence is coming to light that medieval doctors knew of them too. Evidence found at the ancient Soutra Hospital site, in Scotland, suggests the medieval Augustine monks also knew how to amputate limbs, fashion surgical instruments, induce birth, stop scurvy and even create hangover cures. The excavations at Soutra have also unearthed fragments of pottery vessels that were once used for storing medicines such as an analgesic salve made from opium and grease.  

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