Intermediate Word:  neonate(a) someone newly arrived  (b) acolyte  (c) parvenu  (d)  newborn infant
Difficult Word: - tahr  (a) conical Mongolian hat  (b) surtax on salt  (c) Nepalese goat  (d) carrying container for religious relics

Ask What You Can Do To Get To Mars - Space.com   Our stories are only two of many; but it will take many more to achieve our shared vision. We challenge everyone to get involved, no matter how big or small of a project, and to educate yourselves. Build prototypes out of Legos to help teach a local class, donate your time to a space advocacy organization, or get involved in related research. Do whatever you can so that one-day when we ask you "What have you done to help get to Mars," you will have a rant of your own.      
The World's Smallest Motor - Space.com   Scientists recently unveiled the tiniest electric motor ever built. You could stuff hundreds of them into the period at the end of this sentence. One day a similar engine might power a tiny mechanical doctor that would travel through your body in the ultimate house call. The motor works by shuffling atoms between two molten metal droplets in a carbon nanotube [watch it run]. One droplet is even smaller than the other.  

Saturn moon Titan 'dry as a bone'  - BBC  Hopes of finding hydrocarbon oceans on Saturn's smoggy moon, Titan, appear to be dashed, scientists report in Nature. The moon's atmosphere is thick with methane and ethane, prompting speculation that lakes or oceans of these chemicals may sit on the surface. The Huygens that landed on Titan sent back images suggesting possible shorelines and rivers. But an extensive search for tell-tale infrared reflections has now revealed no sign of lakes or seas on Titan. "We infer mechanisms that produce very flat solid surfaces, involving a substance that was liquid in the past but is not in liquid form at the locations we studied," Robert West of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, US, and his colleagues wrote. However, the latest observations were focused entirely on Titan's southern hemisphere. It is just possible the northern region may still contain pools of liquid organic material. "I would not say that the surface is devoid of liquid methane," lead researcher Dr West said. Early radar studies showed that Titan was covered with pools of methane

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