Intermediate Word:  hinny -  (a) bruise mark  (b) male mule/female ass offspring  (c) faux pas  (d) fool 
Difficult Word: - paillaise  (a) thin straw mattress  (b) pale complexion  (c) state of extreme fear  (d) inversion of normal values

Podcasting Changing The Face Of Politics - SpaceDaily  First, it was blogs. Then, it was Meetup.com. Now, the newest technology to combine the Internet and politics is slowly starting to creep into the mainstream: podcasting. "I'm pretty sure whether it's 2006 or 2008, we're going to be hearing as much about podcasting and video blogging as we heard about blogs helping (former New Hampshire Gov. Howard) Dean in 2003," Joe Trippi, former presidential candidate Howard Dean's campaign manager, told United Press International. "This is another way of breaking through the media filter -- of actually being able to say something of substance without having to answer horse-race questions about the process,"    
Methane On Earth: Common Chemical, Elusive Quarry - SpaceDaily  Left:  Terrestrial options for early climate. Early earth, snowball, cauldron or temperate.  Almost all the methane on Earth is made, directly or indirectly, by organisms. A small proportion comes from buried, decomposing plants, whose insoluble parts become a material called kerogen  Much more methane comes from anaerobic microbes called methanogens. Some methanogens are called "extremophiles". "Anywhere there is a place that usually doesn't have oxygen, you find them. Whether it's in the gastrointestinal tract, the soil, or the deep subsurface, you find them." 

Tall Crystals From Tiny Templates - SpaceDaily  Achieving a first in the world of novel optical materials, researchers at the U. S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory are making 3-D photonic band gap crystals four millimeters square (approximately one-eighth of an inch square) and 12 layers high without benefit of a "clean room" environment or the multimillion dollar equipment traditionally required to create such structures. The fundamental research,supported by the Basic Energy Sciences Office of the DOE's Office of Science, holds potential for significantly reducing the costs associated with fabricating PBG crystals, devices that make it possible to route, manipulate and modify the properties of light.    

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