Intermediate Word:  singularity -  (a) point where quantities become infinite  (b) state of being single  (c) doughnut hole  (d) vortex in hydrodynamic flow
Difficult Word: - repoussé  (a) riddled with tiny holes  (b) a moulage  (c) raised in relief  (d) chocolate meringue

AeroVironment Flies World's First Liquid Hydrogen Powered UAV - SpaceDaily  AeroVironment has successfully completed the world's first liquid hydrogen powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight tests. AeroVironment's Global Observer HALE platform will be able to operate at 65,000 feet for over a week with a flexible payload-carrying capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. Using only two aircraft in rotation, with one Global Observer replacing the other on station once per week, this capability will provide seamless communication relay and remote sensing systems at breakthrough affordability. "Our dedicated, experienced team has achieved the last major milestone."   
N.Korea Has One To Two Nukes But Would Still Lose Any War: US Commander - SpaceDaily  "Whether North Korea has one or several nuclear weapons does not change the balance on the peninsula," General Leon LaPorte told a local radio. "USFK (US Forces Korea) believes the North has one to two nuclear weapons at a minimum," said the commander of 32,500 US soldiers based in South Korea. In 1998 Pyongyang test-launched a Taepodong-1 missile with a range of up to 2,000 kilometers that overflew Japan. South Korean officials say the United States has removed its tactical nuclear weapons, but North Korea insists US nuclear weapons are still deployed in South Korea.   

Sunshine Mapping From Space Means Brighter Solar Energy Future - SpaceDaily  Left: The solar market in photovoltaics – the direct conversion of sunlight to electricity – has an annual turnover of 600 million euros in Germany and 1000 million euros in the rest of Europe, a figure predicted to increase to 2500 million euros by this decade's end.  Furthermore, thousands of megawatts of renewable energy potential are also available in Africa, Asia and Central America as shown by the Solar & Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA) project of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). How best to measure sunlight? Ground radiance is quite complex to quantify as it is influenced by much more than simply a site's distance from the equator.    

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