Intermediate Word:  aspirate -  (a) speech sound followed by puff of air  (b) one who aspires  (c) to establish ventilation  (d) to sterilize
Difficult Word: - eloign  (a) to join smoothly at the edges  (b) to remove to a distance  (c) to tactfully extricate one's self from a touchy situation  (d) a three-way corner fixture for trusses

Traffic jam, AP New direction: Soaring oil prices will drive US action on green issues  - BBC  Left:  Americans still have a love affair with cars.  The environment itself is not the burning issue at the White House - but the price of gas is. The pressure on the US president to do something on global warming along the lines sought by other world leaders comes not from traditional green activists, but from rising oil prices. Every increase causes a flutter of concern among drivers on supermarket forecourts, where the larger bill for filling a tank means less money to spend on consumer goods - so threatening to put a brake on general economic growth. And that causes more than a flutter of concern in Detroit where the two big American car-makers, General Motors and Ford, are losing market share to Japanese makers of cleaner cars. So Mr Bush is proposing a raft of proposals in an energy bill which "will help us make better use of the energy supplies we now have, and will make our supply of energy more affordable and more secure for the future". Some of the proposals might appall traditional environmental activists.
Is $60 A Barrel OPEC's Fault? - SpaceDaily  Last week oil prices hit a record of $60 a barrel. This is virtually unprecedented in many ways and has enormous political and economic consequences for the Arab world, the most immediate of which is the U.S. Congress is attempting to introduce a law that would allow Americans to sue members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and their citizens. Such a law could mean freezing of assets of OPEC countries in the United States or measures against Arab officials, including oil ministers and ministries. It is such a serious matter and at the same time ridiculous as high prices have virtually nothing to do with OPEC and mostly the responsibility of oil consumers.     

Joanna Buc aged eight - and how she might look at 40

Computer wizardry shows the future for junk food kids  - BBC  Left:  Joanna Buc aged eight - and how she might look at 40.  Warnings about children's unhealthy lifestyles are common, but experts are now showing how junk food fans could look in middle age. Computer wizardry allowed one family to see how their children will look at 40, if they do not change their habits. Child health experts are overseeing the experiment for the BBC3 show Honey We're Killing the Kids! Julie Buc, whose children loved eating fried food and sweets, said she was shocked by the images she saw. Her children, Jason, aged 10, and Joanna, eight, also enjoyed up to two litres of fizzy drinks each day.  

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