Intermediate Word: 
  (a) excused absence  (b) lens-shaped object  (c) freckle  (d) trip combining business and pleasure 
Difficult Word: - piscina  (a) ant  (b) urinal  (c) sewage disposal plant  (d) church basin for ceremonial ablutions

Pills Doubt raised over HRT heart study  - BBC  A major study which cast doubt on the safety of hormone replacement therapy may have been flawed, say scientists. The study, involving 16,000 women was stopped three years early in 2002, and many women were scared off using HRT. However, Yale University scientists now say design flaws meant that study could not have detected any positive impact of HRT on heart health. The new research, led by Dr Frederick Naftolin, argues the study was too small to draw any statistically meaningful conclusions. "We and others have been saying all along that the WHI didn't recruit the right type of women."
Scientist Sees Space Elevator in 15 Years - ABC   Edwards thinks an initial version could be operating in 15 years, a year earlier than Bush's 2020 timetable for a return to the moon. He pegs the cost at $10 billion, a pittance compared with other space endeavors. Edwards said he probably needs about two more years of development on the carbon nanotubes to obtain the strength needed. After that, he believes work on the project can begin. The cable would be about three feet wide and thinner than a piece of paper, but capable of supporting a payload up to 13 tons.

Image of fish

'Fish' test for heart attack risk  - BBC  Doctors could better predict which patients are likely to have a heart attack by testing blood for fish fats, according to US research. Dr Albert said: "If blood levels of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids form less than 4% of the fatty acids in red blood cells, risk of death from a heart attack is at its greatest compared with a level of 8% when risk is at its least." Pollutants in the fish may also pose a health risk to human health. It says men, boys and women past childbearing age can eat up to four portions of oily fish such as salmon, tuna, trout and sardines a week. Women of childbearing age should keep to a maximum of two portions a week.

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