Intermediate Word: 
  (a) one-quarter-African Creole woman  (b) Hessian soldier (Revolutionary War)  (c) military drill  (d) a type of macaroon 
Difficult Word: - caracal  (a) lamb with soft, curly fur  (b) wildcat  (c) greatcoat  (d) glacial cirque

Lisa Pathfinder, EADS-Astrium Wave hunter: The UK will test technologies for a new kind of astronomy - SpaceDaily  Left:  Lisa (Laser Interferometry Space Antenna)  Pathfinder should launch in 2008.  The Lisa Pathfinder will demonstrate technologies that will be necessary to detect gravitational waves in space. Being able to see these "ripples in the fabric of space-time" should allow scientists to probe the Universe to within one second of the Big Bang. Laser beams travelling between the spacecraft will measure distances (to within one nanometer) between free-floating gold blocks held in place by carefully controlled electrostatic fields. 
Tiny Iron Supplement Has Chilling Effect - SpaceDaily  A pinch of iron dramatically boosts the cooling performance of a material considered key to the development of magnetic refrigerators. By adding a small amount of iron (about 1 percent by volume), the NIST team enhanced the effective cooling capacity of the so-called "giant magnetocaloric effect" material by 15 to 30 percent. The result, writes materials scientist Virgil Provenzano and his NIST colleagues, "is a much-improved magnetic refrigerant for near-room-temperature applications."  The original material already is considered an attractive candidate for a room-temperature magnetic refrigerant.

New Chips Improve Color TV Dramatically  - SpaceDaily  Israeli scientists said they have developed the biggest improvement in color television in 50 years, surpassing even high-definition technology, with electronics that nearly double the color palate that can be displayed on a TV screen. The novel, multi-primary color or MPC chips, from Israeli electronics company Genoa Color Technologies in Herzlia Pituach, are set to deliver a picture that looks more like cinema than video, with truer, more vibrant color and a brighter image. The first commercial release of the chips will be from industry giant Royal Philips Electronics next year, experts told United Press International.

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