Weekly Editorials Page
7/5 to 7/11, 2001

7/7/2001: Please click here for a sneak preview of the summer issue of "News of the Ultranet"
7/6/2001: The Kearneys have sent you three interesting articles.
    The first is the 1999 obituary of Ceil Jonas, a woman born in 1905 who graduated from high school at 14 (in 1919). She was accepted by Vassar but wasn't old enough to live in a dorm. (She would have been a contemporary of Edna St. Vincent Millay. She would also have been contemporaneous with the Termites.) She graduated with a degree in sociology from Wayne State University at the age of 19, but apparently anded up a clerk in the Wayne County Abstract Department.
   The second article is about Nick Greene, a 15-year-old college graduate... a circumstance with which the Kearneys have a certain degree of familiarity.
    The third article presents a intriguing list of celebrities who skipped one or more grades in school. (One of the is Jodie Foster.)
7/5/2001: As you'll see when you look at tonight's Science News, I'm tinkering with the format. I'd certainly welcome feedback about what you'd like to see. (I can't tinker much until I finish the "News of the Ultranet" and my accompanying book review.)
    One major problem is the number of links that expire, or for some reason, don't work. If our server can handle the full content of 350 news articles a week, I may be able to save these news articles on our server. Of course, that may raise copyright issues, and if so, I won't be able to do it even if we have the storage capacity to accommodate 350 articles a week. (Fifty kilobytes per article would amount to about 17.5 megabytes a week or approximately 0.9 gigabytes per year., which seems as though it would be within the realms of reason.)