Intermediate Word: 
beau geste
  (a) gallant gesture  (b) cavalier  (c) suitor  (d) gracious-appearing act of no real value 
Difficult Word: - misprision  (a) to malign  (b) to imprison illegitimately  (c) to maladminister in public office  (d) to make a bad impression

Remote-Controlled Throwable Robot Sent To Iraq For Testing - SpaceDaily  Carnegie Mellon University robotics researchers, in conjunction with the U.S. Marine Corps' Warfighting Laboratory, have developed a small, throwable, remote-controlled prototype robot designed for surveillance in urban settings. Several of the robots are being sent to Iraq for testing. The robot, known as Dragon Runner, has the ability to see around corners and deliver information to Marines while keeping them out of danger in urban settings where human access is impractical, dangerous or unsustainable. "It is most effective on relatively flat surfaces like streets and sidewalks."
A Flip Of A Switch May One Day Quiet Jet Engines - SpaceDaily  Researchers here have developed a silencer technology that creates electrical arcs to control turbulence in engine exhaust airflow - the chief cause of engine noise. The university has applied for a patent on the design. With the flip of a switch, pilots could turn the silencers - called plasma actuators - on and off, reducing noise around commercial airports or military airstrips, said Mohammad Samimy, professor of mechanical engineering. Typical large commercial aircraft, such as the Boeing 747, fly at mach 0.85, or 0.85 times the speed of sound, while modern military aircraft can top mach 2. All jet aircraft could benefit from the technology, Samimy said.  

Mob Rules - SpaceDaily  Atoms and molecules, en masse, can do almost anything, and physicists know it. In fact, they dream about it. By combining the right kinds of molecules under the right conditions, it should be possible to craft, e.g., uncrackable metal alloys, room-temperature superconductors, self-healing spaceship skins impervious to meteoroids and solar flares. You name it. What do you do when even supercomputers can't handle the math? It's simple: Take a jar of "organic goop," says Lu, and mix in millions of tiny Plexiglas spheres. Add some molecular coils, billions of them, and float the mixture in space. This "device" is a colloidal mixture, and it's a good model for many-particle interactions.

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