Intermediate Word:  alluvial -  (a) billowing in the wind  (b) deposited by flowing water  (c) gradual  (d) widespread 
Difficult Word: - roulade  (a) type of round dance  (b) bit attachment that protects a horse's mouth  (c) a tricky maneuver  (d) roll of coins

From the Editor: The Hundred-Dollar Laptop  - Technology Review  Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman of MIT's Media Lab, showed attendees the screen of the Hundred-Dollar Laptop, or HDL. Beginning in 2006, he said, he would build 100 million to 200 million HDLs every year--and distribute them to the children of the poor world. Its display will use either a rear-projection screen or a type of electronic ink invented at the MIT Media Lab; and it will store one gigabyte's worth of files in flash memory.      
Trick Allows Scrutiny of Pluto's Moon - Space.com  Charon was discovered in 1978, 48 years after its planet Pluto.  Recent measurements by the Hubble Space Telescope have determined that Charon has about 10 percent the mass of Pluto, making it the largest moon -- relative to its planet -- in our solar system. The observations, now being analyzed, may pin down the size of the moon and whether or not it has an atmosphere.  Preliminary indications from one group seem to suggest little or no gaseous envelope.       

Where's The Heat? Think 'Deep Blue' - SpaceDaily  New measurements show that, over the past ten years, the heat content of the ocean has grown dramatically. It's grown by so much that it can finally account for the excess energy that the climate model calculated should exist. It is, in fact, a match. Even with its great storage ability, some of the heat will go toward warming the atmosphere. Hansen, Willis and their colleagues conclude that even with no further increase in greenhouse gases, the temperature of Earth will rise about 0.6 degrees centigrade (1.1 degrees Fahrenheit). "We know that if the ocean temperature is rising," says Willis, "there is a lot of energy that is causing it."    

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