Intermediate Word:  unconscionable -  (a) ineligible for adoption  (b) Mongolian shaman  (c) leather yurt  (d) unscrupulous 
Difficult Word: - haugh  (a) dudgeon  (b) exhalation  (c) Scottish upland  (d) low-lying river valley meadow

The Perfect Way To Study The Big Bang - SpaceDaily  Physicists have created the state of matter thought to have filled the Universe just a few microseconds after the big bang and found it to be different from what they were expecting. Instead of a gas, it is more like a liquid. Understanding why it is a liquid should take physicists a step closer to explaining the earliest moments of our Universe. Not just any old liquid, either. Its collective movement is rather like the way a school of fish swims 'as one' and is a sign that the fluid possesses an extremely low viscosity, making it what physicists call a perfect fluid. In fact, tentative calculations suggest its extraordinarily low viscosity makes it the most perfect fluid ever created.       
Experts Warn Of Chinese Cyberattacks Used For Industrial Secrets - SpaceDaily  Cyberspace is becoming a new battleground for the United States and China, amid growing concerns about Chinese industrial espionage through various types of computer worms, security experts say. At least one "Trojan horse" program used to steal files from infected computers has been traced to servers in China, providing further evidence that US companies may be targets, say analysts. "All the e-mails we've traced back with this particular attachment came from a single address in China," Stewart told AFP, adding that it was "highly likely" that the program was used for espionage against US high-tech and manufacturing firms.    


Pineapple may combat cancer   - BBC  Two molecules isolated from an extract of crushed pineapple stems have shown promise in fighting cancer growth. One molecule called CCS blocks a protein called Ras, which is defective in approximately 30% of all cancers. The other, called CCZ, stimulates the body's own immune system to target and kill cancer cells. The extract studied by the scientists, bromelain, is a rich source of enzymes and is widely used as a meat tenderiser, to clarify beer and tan leather hides. The Queensland team discovered that the extract also had pharmacological properties and could activate specific immune cells while, simultaneously, blocking the immune function of other cells. 

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