Intermediate Word: 
  (a) curving downward  (b) returning  (c) re-emergent  (d) pointing inward
Difficult Word: - nuncupative  (a) in ill health  (b) carnivorous  (c) unavailable to the general public  (d) oral (unwritten) will

Around the World, Nations Shoot for the Moon - Space.com  When U.S. President George Bush unveiled his new vision for NASA earlier this year, Europe, Japan, China and India already were planning expeditions there. In the years ahead cis-lunar space the void between the Earth and the moon will be repeatedly traversed by craft of varying degrees of sophistication and purpose, a feat that may no longer be the sole preserve of the United States.  
Europe Approves First Phase Of Aurora Space Exploration Program - SpaceDaily  Left:  See full size chart of Aurora timeline  At the last meeting of the Aurora Board of Participants, held at ESA's Paris headquarters on Thursday 8 July, the participating states approved the Preparatory Phase of the European Space Exploration Programme (ESEP). Revising the original Declaration, the European countries already participating, plus Canada, unanimously agreed to remodel Aurora into a broader preparatory ESEP. This is with a view to possibly increasing their subscriptions and welcoming further participants, including the European Union, in accordance with the signed Framework Agreement.This decision will ensure that industrial work carried out thus far under Aurora continues. It will enable the drafting of a long-term plan for a robust, innovative and flexible ESEP programme proposal.

Student using distance-learning terminal

Paradise classroom: Islanders in the South Pacific learn via satellite teaching net  Students in the South Pacific are finding lessons delivered via satellite much easier than attending classes in the old-fashioned way. The catchment area for the University of the South Pacific is enormous, stretching across 33 million square kilometres of ocean and five time zones. When a Monday morning lecture takes place on the main campus in Fiji, it is still Sunday in Samoa or the Cook Islands. The university is considered a pioneer in the field of distance-learning. Its own satellite link, USPNet, allows students on remote islands to follow lectures on its main campus in real-time.

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