Intermediate Word: 
  (a) legend on a tombstone  (b)   (c) brief summary  (d) offering
Difficult Word: - remontant  (a) blooms more thanonce a season  (b) succeeding mountains are higher  (c) accelerating  (d) succeeding reflections in front and back mirrors

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Takes Shape - Space.com  “This mission is the first concrete step in laying the groundwork for humans to go back to the moon,” said Jim Garvin, the lead scientist for moon and Mars exploration. Set for a 2008 launch, the probe is expected to circle the moon for at least one year and return detailed maps of the lunar surface, data on the moon’s radiation levels and an in-depth look at its polar regions for resources that could be tapped by future astronauts.   
Hawking Changes His Mind on Black Holes - ABC  After almost 30 years of arguing that a black hole swallows up everything that falls into it, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking backpedaled Thursday. In doing so, he lost one of the most famous bets in recent scientific history. The world-famous author of a "Brief History of Time" said he and other scientists had gotten it wrong the galactic traps may in fact allow information to escape. "A black hole only appears to form but later opens up and releases information about what fell inside. So we can be sure of the past and predict the future."

I Robot

Will the Real Robots Please Rise? - ABC  One of this summer's so-called "event" films, Alex Proyas' I, Robot melds ideas from Asimov's collection of short stories on a robot future and a previously developed script into a sci-fi thriller about a robot accused of killing its creator and, from what I could see in the preview, a robot rebellion. Its dystopian view of 2035 initially concerned me, since I really don't want people to think that the future of robots is a dark nightmare of role reversal, where robots break Asimov's three laws and we become slaves to them. But does it have any relation to reality? Are we actually on a trajectory that will take us from Sony's QRIO and Honda's Asimo straight to I, Robot's stunning central robotic character, Sonny?

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