Intermediate Word: 
  (a) mistress  (b) theater pass  (c) legal document authorizing limited use  (d) offering
Difficult Word: - planchette  (a) lute-like musical instrument  (b) gingham pinafore  (c) Ouija board  (d) bodice lace

Inflatable Space Outposts: Cash Down on High Hopes - Space.com  Extensive work is underway in designing and building partial and full-scale inflatable modules, fabricated to serve a range of users, from bio-tech firms and educational institutions to other groups wanting to churn out made-in-microgravity products. While not the firmís top-of-the line business pursuit, inflatable space modules could become an Earth orbiting stopover for spaceliner tourists. 
Autonomous Rendezvous Spacecraft Arrives At Vandenberg - SpaceDaily  The Demonstration for Autonomous Rendezvous Technology (DART) flight demonstrator, a spacecraft developed to prove technologies to locate and maneuver near an orbiting satellite, Wednesday arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., in preparation for a fall 2004 launch. Future applications of technologies developed by the DART project will benefit the nation in future space-vehicle systems development requiring in-space assembly, services or other autonomous rendezvous operations. Once in orbit, DART will rendezvous with a target satellite, the Multiple Paths, Beyond-Line-of-Site Communications (MUBLCOM) satellite, also built by Orbital Sciences. DART will then perform several close proximity operations, such as moving toward and away from the satellite using navigation data provided by onboard sensors.

Telemedicine Via Satellite - The Way Forward - SpaceDaily  ESA is one step nearer to establishing a Telemedicine via Satellite Programme thanks to a constructive meeting with telemedicine experts that took place at ESRIN early last week. Through the use of the home television and a wireless health monitoring kit, nurses are able to check the health of their patients from their office or even from their home. The other demonstration on view was a fully equipped ambulance for use in emergencies. This pilot project is about to begin in the Italian town of Vicenza. It will enable ambulance staff called to the scene of an accident to send via information, including Xrays, to a central medical centre.

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