Intermediate Word:  couturier -  (a) shoe horn  (b) man who produces custom-made women's clothing  (c) town crier  (d) one who teaches manners and deportment
Difficult Word: - lixiviate  (a) to embalm with a preservative  (b) to wash soluble matter from  (c) to dice into vary small squares  (d) to bind together

Deep Impact Flyby Spacecraft Ready For New Mission - Space.com  BOULDER, Colorado – Following its smashing success earlier this month with comet Tempel 1, the Deep Impact Flyby spacecraft is being readied for potential retargeting to yet another scientific destination. "They have not approved the extended mission yet because they haven’t found the money," A’Hearn told SPACE.com, noting that comet 85P/Boethin is the target for a hoped for new science objective.     
Twenty Years From Now On Mars - SpaceDaily  Left: A virtual armada of paper spaceships to explore Mars have been created to provide artwork to countless reports and studies costing billions of dollars.  Despite pronouncements by a succession of American presidents that a manned expedition to Mars was a long-term national goal, there has never been the political will to provide the funding necessary for such an enterprise. In the late 1980's there was even a brief 'Race to Mars', with both sides putting forward designs. This unexpected revival of the space race ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the scrapping of the Energia booster. Despite press enthusiasm, such a project never had any high-level political support in either country.  

Spacedev Microsat To Travel Interplanetary Superhighway - SpaceDaily  Left: Click here to view CisLunar Solar-Electric Electric Exploration Tug animation. Credits: Andrews Space   SpaceDev has been awarded a contract by Andrews Space of Seattle to design a small spacecraft that will be the first ever to travel to the vicinity of the Moon through a gravity tunnel that is part of the InterPlanetary Superhighway (IPS), a route which requires significantly less fuel than conventional trajectories. The overall program is to design, develop, launch, and operate a small low-cost spacecraft, called SmallTug, on a mission to the Lunar L1 point to demonstrate key technologies and advanced orbital mechanics.

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