Intermediate Word: 
  (a) questio-and-anser book  (b) deep gorge  (c) disaster  (d) affirmation of faith
Difficult Word: - sard  (a) prehensile tip of lizard's tongue  (b) brownish-red chalcedony  (c) court restraining order  (d) mound of glacial till

British Role In Aurora Program Uncertain - Space.com  The British government probably will not be able to commit to Europeís Aurora space-exploration program by the Sept. 30 deadline set by the European Space Agency (ESA), British officials said here July 21 at the Farnborough International 2004 air show. "I suspect we will want a little more time" before deciding whether, and how much, to invest in Europeís long-term space-exploration program, Halliday said about the ESA deadline for Aurora funding commitments. 
Astronomers Measure Mass Of A Single Star - First Since The Sun - SpaceDaily  A faint star nearly 2,000 light-years away now has something in common with our sun that no other single star has. An Ohio State University astronomer and his colleagues have directly measured the mass of that star - the first time such a feat has been accomplished for any single star other than our own sun. "Itís possible that by getting these kinds of measurements, we will be able to test our theories of stellar structure," said Andrew Gould, professor of astronomy at Ohio State. The astronomers also noted that NASAís upcoming Space Interferometry Mission (SIM), with a satellite set to launch in 2009, will be able to perform similar studies of more than 200 stars in the galaxy. Their current calculations could be off by as much as 17 percent, Gould said, which is good.

Space Scopes Image Massive Black Hole Surrounded By Doughnut-Shaped Cloud - SpaceDaily  Using ESA's Integral and XMM-Newton observatories, an international team of astronomers has found more evidence that massive black holes are surrounded by a doughnut-shaped gas cloud, called a torus. This new view through the haze has provided valuable insight into the relationship between the black hole, its accretion disc and the doughnut, and supports the torus model in several ways. Gas in the accretion disc close to the black hole reaches high speeds and temperatures (over 100 million degrees, hotter than the Sun) as it races toward the void.

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