Intermediate Word: 
  (a) referring to cotton stockings  (b) unit of fineness for thread  (c) reinforced heels  (d) last resort
Difficult Word: - sedulous  (a) rebellious  (b) rundown  (c) crafty  (d) diligent

I, Robot, Ourselves: What Does Artificial Intelligence Tell Us About Humanity - Space.com  The dangers of living in our own technological future comprise the leitmotiv of I, Robot, a new movie inspired by Isaac Asimov’s classic story collection of the same name. The film, which takes place in 2035, is set in downtown Chicago. The streets teem with humanity, yes, but there are robots everywhere. The sophisticated cyborgs seem benign, as they collect garbage and walk dogs. They’re helpful and humble.  
 NASA Adapting Earth Sensor To Read Data From Mole In Mars Soil - SpaceDaily  Left:  Freeze frame from Mars Mole animation. (Click to view animation)  The Mole is shaped like an artillery shell. An internal sliding weight will drive the Mole into the soil. Once dug in, the Mole will connect by a tether to an apparatus on the surface. The tether will include power wires and a fiber optic cable that will transport light collected underground to a spectrometer on the surface above. The spectral images produced by DASI are composed of many different colors ranging from visible to infrared light. Researchers say they must be ready to identify possible water, ice, organics and minerals beneath the surface of Mars.

Method Found To Grow Superconducting And Magnetic Nanocables - SpaceDaily  Left:  Schematic diagram of process. Bottom left, MgO nanowires ready for coating. Right, completed Fe304 nanocable. A University of Southern California engineer has discovered a way to manufacture composite "nanocables" from a potent new class of substances with extraordinary properties called Transition Metal Oxides (TMOs). The final product looks like nano-sized coaxial cable, with an MgO core and TMO sheath. "The assemblies "can be tailored for a wide variety of applications, including low-loss power delivery, quantum computing, ultrahigh density magnetic data storage, and more recently, spintronic applications." 

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