Intermediate Word:  lacustrine -  (a) pertaining to lakes  (b) graceful and delicate  (c) easily moved to tears  (d) crusted over
Difficult Word: - remex  (a) early stencil-based copying machine  (b) knob at the base of the breastbone  (c) bird's flight feather  (d) electric device for converting Morse code into letters

Alzheimer's symptoms reversed in mice  - Nature  Mice with memory loss have had their condition reversed, a discovery that should help refine the search for a cure for Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. The study also helps clarify the actual cause of dementia, which should give more focus to drug studies. Surprisingly, when the researchers turned off the switch promoting tau expression, the mice began to gain back some lost memory. Mice engineered to massively overproduce a protein called tau tend to grow more neurofibrillary tangles. "To tell you the truth, I expected them not to be able to get better," Ashe says.
Image of a soft drink Sweetener 'linked' to leukaemias  - BBC  Fresh doubts about the safety of aspartame have been raised by Italian scientists who have linked its use to leukaemias in rodents. Regulators say existing studies show it is safe, but will look at the European Journal of Clinical Oncology study. Concerns have been raised about the aspartame in the past, but an analysis of 500 papers by UK regulators in 2002 concluded there was no threat to consumers. Dr Elaine Vickers, cancer information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: "If a risk to humans does exist, it will almost certainly be very small.   

Showing near you: How digital will change what and how you watch at the cinema  - BBC  Film critics are divided in their views of how digital film looks on screen. While some contend that it lacks warmth, others say it looks more beautiful. Paul Brett, a former head of exhibition and distribution at the British Film Institute (BFI), pointed out that a strip of celluloid has black bars dividing each frame. Digital film does not have these and, as a result, "in layman's terms, it's 15 percent brighter." "It just pops off the screen at you in a luminescent fashion." In the UK alone, 200 digital projectors are being installed this year by the UK Film Council.

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