Intermediate Word: 
  (a) pertaining to "quidditch" (Harry Potter)  (b) a small packet  (c) essence  (d) curiosity
Difficult Word: - acervate  (a) growing in small heaps  (b) sour  (c) sharp-pointed  (d) sarcastic

X-43A: Full Speed Ahead to Mach 10 - Space.com  At Mach 10 -- or 10 times the speed of sound -- the X-43A is traveling at about two miles per second. That’s in the range of 7,500 miles per hour. Speeds over Mach 5 are defined as hypersonic. Thanks to the triumph in March, wind tunnel data, design tools and predictive skills have been validated. “So we have confidence that they are telling us the right things. Designing a control system around that…you’ve got a higher degree of confidence,” Sitz added. 
Garmin's New Pocket-Sized Street Navigator - SpaceDaily  Left:  Quest features auto-routable, turn-by-turn, voice-prompted navigation with fast automatic off-route and detour recalculation.   The Quest is expected to be available in August 2004 at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $642.84. The unit ships standard with fully unlocked MapSource City Select North America maps, PC/USB cable, AC adapter, external speaker with 12-volt adapter cable and suction mount, owner's manual, and quick reference guide. The unit ships with MapSource City Select CDs, which provide full coverage of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Is Small Different? Not Necessarily Say Georgia Tech Researchers - SpaceDaily  Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and NASA suggest that materials on the nanoscale may sometimes be subject to the same physical rules as their macro-world counterparts. The findings provide an exception to the conventional scientific notion that objects small enough to be measured in nanometers (one-billionth of a meter) behave according to different rules than larger objects. A team found that the mechanical response of a multi-walled carbon nanospring was remarkably similar to the rules that govern the mechanical properties of springs on the macro scale.

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