Intermediate Word:  pilaf -  (a) upswept hairdo (after Edith Pilaf)  (b) sensitive, downy hairs  (c) rice with broth and meat or vegetables  (d) tropical beverage
Difficult Word: - rambutan  (a) fruit tree  (b) tapioca dish  (c) cannon swab  (d) master of horse

Mystery Compact Object Producing High Energy Radiation - SpaceDaily  The object that is producing the high energy radiation is thought to be a 'microquasar'. These objects consist of two stars in orbit around each other. One star is an ordinary star, but the other has used up all its nuclear fuel, leaving behind a compact corpse. Depending on the mass of the star that produced it, this compact object is either a neutron star or a black hole, but either way its strong gravitational pull draws in matter from its companion star. This matter spirals down towards the neutron star or the black hole, in a similar way to water spiraling down a plughole.         
Image of breast cancer Chemical 'link' to breast cancer  - BBC  Left:  This paper is no cause for alarm.  A chemical found in cleaning materials, textiles and plastics pose a breast cancer threat, scientists from Texas and Southern Carolina believe. Nonylphenol mimics female sex hormone oestrogen once in the body. In the liver, it stimulates an enzyme system that in turn increases the production of another similar hormone estriol. It also binds to oestrogen receptors in the breast that can trigger cancer growth to a greater extent than oestrogen. "It is unlikely that weak oestrogens such as 4-nonylphenol, which are found in very low concentrations in the environment, play a major role in breast cancer incidence."   

No Engine Required - Popular Science  On August 18, aerodynamically optimized engine-less racecars built by engineers and stylists at nine automobile manufacturers will race wheel to wheel while hurtling down the intimidating curves of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California.  Gravity still rules, but the materials, fabrication techniques and costs have moved into the 21st century.    

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