Weekly Editorials Page
7/19 to 7/25, 2001

7/21/2001: As you can see, I've at least temporarily removed the daily news articles from the banner above. I've done this because I'm making changes (hopefully, improvements) to the website. I've begun listing each day's 50 science news articles by category to make it easier for you to find what you interests you, and to make it quicker for me to prepare the daily science news pages. Originally, when I had only one science news item each day, and then four, and then eight, it didn't take too long for the science news items to scroll through and repeat. But now, with 50 news items each day, it takes a while before they're repeated. And starting today, with the news items sorted by category, you would have to wait a while before the items in a given category would show up in the scrolling banner.
The other aspect of this is the fact that, as this website has gotten ever more elaborate, I'm having to spend more than 40 hours a week maintaining it. That's too many, given the other irons I have in the fire. Consequently, I'm going to have to
(1) work more efficiently,
(2) invite others to join me,
(3) reduce the size of the effort, or
(4) all of the above.
It takes about twenty minutes a day to set up the banner. Eliminating it is one step in the direction of using my available time more efficiently, and particularly, to develop summaries of important research results, such as "
What you might do to try to prevent and/or treat Alzheimer's Disease". That time could be used to better check the links and the articles. There may other useful material that could be put there... perhaps, some that doesn't change every day. On the other hand, if anyone misses it, I can always reinstate it. I'm leaving it blank today until I have more time to think about what to do about it. If you miss it, Please let me know at our email addresses listed above.