Intermediate Word:  salutatorian -  (a) one who coordinates military gun salutes  (b) second-best student  (c) a martinet  (d) a hypochondriac
Difficult Word: - gramineous  (a) mincing  (b) epileptic  (c) mealy  (d) pertaining to grasses

Image of vitamins Europe backs vitamin controls  - BBC  Left:  An estimated 10M Britons take vitamin supplements.  The proposals will ban around 200 supplements from sale and put restrictions on the upper limits of vitamin doses. Under the EU Food Supplements Directive, due to come into effect in August, supplements will only be able to include vitamins and minerals taken from an approved list. Minerals not currently on the approved list include tin, silicon, nickel, boron, cobalt and vanadium. Also, the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) said it interpreted the ban as applying only to synthetically produced supplements - and not to vitamins and minerals normally found in or consumed as part of the diet.  
Cup of coffee Brain-boost drugs 'to be common'  - BBC  The report was compiled by 50 experts, who set out their predictions for the next two decades. Ritalin, now prescribed to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), has already been used by some students to improve their performance in exams. Modafinil, used now to treat sleep disorders, has been shown to help people remember numbers more effectively. There is also a type of molecule called ampakins, which enhance the way some chemical receptors in the brain work, suggesting drugs could be developed to improve people's memory when they are tired.   

Red Team Sandstorm vehicle

Robotic Humvee drives itself for seven hours over 200 miles  - BBC  Left:  "Sandstorm ran a quick pace on this track, but the Mojave will not be so easy or forgiving."  The robotic vehicle built by Red Team Robot Racing from Carnegie Mellon University covered 200 miles (322 kilometres) during the trial. "That distance, speed and duration are unprecedented for a completely autonomous machine. However, this machine and 19 others will face far more difficult conditions in the race across the Mojave Desert. Sandstorm and its sister machine, the Hummer H1ighlander are among the 40 vehicles taking part in qualifying rounds for the Grand Challenge between 26 September and 6 October. 

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