Intermediate Word:  gurkha -  (a) a Nepalese British Army soldier  (b) a curved Malaysian dagger  (c) a small round fired-clay tea pot  (d) a hostess at a Turkish coffee house
Difficult Word: - hispid  (a) sordid  (b) torch-holding wall bracket  (c) bristly  (d) sweaty

Professor Richard Dawkins Universe 'too queer' to grasp  - BBC  Scientist Professor Richard Dawkins has opened a global conference of big thinkers warning that our Universe may be just "too queer" to understand. Professor Dawkins' opening talk, in a session called Meme Power, explored the ways in which humans invent their own realities to make sense of the infinitely complex worlds they are in; worlds made more complex by ideas such as quantum physics which is beyond most human understanding. He mused that perhaps children should be given computer games to play with that familiarise them with quantum physics concepts. We think that rocks and crystals are solid. 
India Rolling Out Chain Of Computer Kiosks To Boost Rural Incomes - SpaceDaily  India will set up a chain of computer kiosks across its rural heartland with the aim of enabling farmers to sell their produce to the best-paying customers, officials said Monday. Nearly 25,000 villages will be connected to the network in the first phase of the programme, but this will be stepped up to around 100,000 to complete a national rollout by 2007, Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam told a meeting in New Delhi. Economists say boosting farm sector growth is vital to the country's ambition of maintaining seven to eight percent growth over long-term, to join the league of developed nations.    

Hurricane season set to be stormy  - BBC  Between July and October, they say, nine hurricanes will probably hit the Atlantic basin as a whole. The main driving force is likely to be unusually warm sea temperatures in the tropical North Atlantic. The forecast spate of hurricanes in 2005 is part of a multi-decadal cycle of fluctuating sea temperatures. "The last peak of activity was in the 1950s and scientists have mapped this pattern of warming and cooling of Atlantic sea temperatures back about 150 years, so they have two or three cycles of it. I think one has to wonder whether at least part of this activity could be due to global warming," he said. "Certainly, sea temperatures where hurricanes form have been the warmest on record over the last year or two. Dennis is only the second major hurricane to strike America in July. The other one happened in 1916." Often seasons which have high activity in July tend to be active for the whole season."

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