Intermediate Word:  pugnacious -  (a) pug-nosed  (b) slow to catch on  (c) having a quarrelsome disposition  (d) three sheets to the wind
Difficult Word: - brasserie  (a) women's lingerie store  (b) beer joint  (c) brass implements shop  (d) the brass section of a symphony orchestra

Global Wind Power - Technology Review  A new study by researchers at Stanford University concluded that 13 percent of the sites had winds of 6.9 meters per second or faster--strong enough to make wind-based power generation cost-effective. If these locations represent a good sample of the world's land area, the researchers report, there is easily enough potential wind power to meet the world's electricity demands. In 2002, just .3 percent of the world's electricity supply came from wind power.    
International Fusion Research - Technology Review  The announcement in the last week that the site for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is finally resolved is a source of relief and anticipation to nuclear fusion researchers worldwide. It opens the way to the construction of an experiment that promises the scientific demonstration of controlled fusion energy production. It also removes perhaps the last major impediment to embarking on a project that has been under consideration for nearly 20 years.      

Biggest ever cosmos simulation  - BBC  Left: See the pictures   "We have learned more about the Universe in the last 10 or 20 years than in the whole of human civilisation," said Carlos Frenk, Ogden professor of fundamental physics at the University of Durham, UK, and co-author on the Nature report. "We are now able, using the biggest, fastest supercomputers in the world, to recreate the whole of cosmic history," he told the BBC News. According to cosmological theory, soon after the Big Bang, cold dark matter formed the first large structures in the Universe, which then collapsed under their own weight to form vast halos.    

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