Intermediate Word: 
  (a) scalloped  (b) blotched  (c) having castle wall openings to drop stones  (d) unfairly accused by a jealous husband
Difficult Word: - "loco weed"  (a) jimpson weed  (b) cow's bane  (c) sorrel  (d) burdock

CSI Wireless Introduces Automatic Steering System For Tractors And Other Ag Equipment - SpaceDaily  GPSteer automatically steers agricultural vehicles along consistently straight or curved rows. Drivers need to use the steering wheel only when turning at the end of each row. They engage GPSteer when starting a row, and the system automatically disengages when they begin turning at the end of the row. GPSteer enhances driver accuracy and improves field productivity by reducing costly overlaps and "skips" between rows. It also reduces driver fatigue and enables vehicles to operate at night or in other low-visibility environments.
Virtual therapy Virtual Therapy - ABC  You're sitting with your therapist in a lovely green park, telling him about a disturbing dream you had the other night. When he asks you to describe it, you decide to first change your appearance, dim the sun and then begin your story. No, it's not the real world, but a kind of therapy that Kate Anthony, a London-based therapist, and others envision for the near future. In virtual, computer enhanced therapy, the therapist and patient engage in healthy discussions through computer animated characters that represent themselves. The patient chooses his or her appearance, as well as the appearance of the therapist.


Milk 'reduces bowel cancer risk'  - BBC  Brigham and Women's Hospital scientists found drinking 16 ounces of milk a day (around four-fifths of a UK pint) was linked to a 12% decrease in risk. They analysed results from 10 studies, which looked at half a million people, 5,000 of whom developed bowel cancer. Increasing calcium intake to 1,000milligrams a day or more could result in 15% fewer cases of bowel cancer in women and 10% fewer cases in men. The study also found that higher total calcium intake was associated with a decreased risk of bowel cancer. Some experts believe that dairy products can increase the risk of other cancers, notably breast and prostate.

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