Intermediate Word:  inebriated -  (a) defenseless  (b) striped  (c) emaciated  (d) drunk
Difficult Word: - in petto  (a) in secret  (b) enacted in formal assembly  (c) in a small way  (d) done informally

Deadly New Sea Creature Lures Fish with Red Lights - Space.com  A newfound deep-sea relative of the jellyfish flashes glowing red lights on twitching, stinging tentacles to lure fish to their deaths more than a mile below the surface. The discovery is odd, because scientists had figured deep-sea animals can't see red light, since they live where sunlight doesn't reach and therefore have no evolutionary reason to detect the color. The transluscent, fragile creature is the first marine invertebrates ever found that produce red light. Sea creatures have evolved to produce blue light because it travels best through ocean water.    
Virginia Tech Partner In Discovery Of Quark Interaction - SpaceDaily  "Observation of this very rare phenomenon allows us to study if this occurs only through the so-called penguin process (a two-step transition wherein the beauty quark momentarily transforms into the top quark that subsequently transforms into the down quark) as predicted by the standard theory, or through some hitherto unobserved way," said Leo Piilonen, Virginia Tech physics professor and a member of the Belle experiment's research team. The Belle experiment studies the decay patterns of the b-quark to search for clues on how the universe is constructed.     


Why Man Instead of Machine?  - Wired News    When US astronauts return to space next week, they will also launch into a geopolitical atmosphere far different than the one Columbia left. Since the accident on Feb. 1, 2003, China has orbited its first astronaut. The first American to reach space after the Columbia disaster was a hard-scrabble test pilot who guided aircraft designer Burt Rutan's Spaceship One on two suborbital flights last fall.    

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