Intermediate Word:  albedo -  (a) thin membrane that protects a chrysalis  (b) small, spicy sausage  (c) fraction of light reflected by a surface  (d) animal's natural camouflage
Difficult Word: - allantoid  (a) sheathed  (b) layered  (c) life forms that can withstand below freezing temperatures  (d) sausage-shaped

An Earthly View of Mars - Space.com  For most of Earth's history, vast microbial mat communities colonized aquatic environments and dominated the planet.  Our studies show us how microbial mats grow, diversify and function, and this helps with the interpretation of the geological record of Earth's earliest life forms. Not only do these benthic environments provide us with a glimpse of the evolutionary trail that shaped our own past, they may allow us to see how life could have thrived on an earlier, more clement Mars.     
Geological Finding Shows Mars Is Complex, Still Evolving - SpaceDaily  Mars is a rocky planet with an ancient volcanic past, but new findings show the planet is more complex and active than previously believed Ė at least in certain places. While the current rover missions have largely proved that in the distant past Mars may have had a lake or two, several different orbital mapping missions have found a basalt-rich planet that is the product of an ancient volcanic history. The diversity of igneous minerals is important, Christensen explains, because it implies that the surface rocks have continued to be processed and reconstituted multiple times over an extended period of time.    

Image: Teachers discuss evolution

Teachers debate how to handle evolution - MSNBC  Every time Lisa Marroquin teaches biological evolution, she knows some students will show up ready to talk creationism, a religious doctrine of how life came to be. So she finds a way to satisfy their curiosity without straying from science, the fundamental theory that species evolved over millions of yearsduring a group interview of teachers at the National Education Associationís annual meeting. through natural selection. ďItís not about education or science, itís about politics,Ē Uselton told The Associated Press during a group interview of teachers at the National Education Associationís annual meeting. 

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