Intermediate Word: 
  (a) to playfully bite  (b) to "gum up the works"  (c) lord ranking just below vizier  (d) Muslim lady of rank
Difficult Word: - tule  (a) netting for veils  (b) bulrush  (c) thigh armor  (d) carpenter's scribe

Ames Lab Physicists Perturb Superconductor To New Heights - Science Daily  At the U. S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory, a basic research effort to enhance the properties of magnesium diboride, MgB2, superconductors by doping them with carbon atoms has doubled the magnetic field the material can withstand. The work may one day ease the expense associated with current superconducting materials that generate the intense magnetic fields required for such applications as magnetic resonance imaging for medical diagnostics, high-field magnets for research, and superconducting magnets for particle accelerators. Experiments done by Wilke showed that a 5 percent substitution of boron with carbon more than doubles the magnetic field MgB2 can withstand and still remain superconducting, raising it from 16 Tesla for the pure material to 36 Tesla with the 5 percent carbon-doping. The team cautioned that there is still mch to be done.
Now Starring e - Science Daily  Specific numbers sometimes play a role in fiction. Witness the novel The Da Vinci Code, where the number is the Golden Ratio symbolized by the Greek letter phi, or the movie Pi, where the number is pi, of course. The Da Vinci Code, a thriller offering an alternative view of various conundrums in Western history ranging from the Holy Grail to Mona Lisa's smile, is dependent on the decoding power of phi and the Fibonacci numbers. Pi is about a numerologically obsessed mathematician who thinks he's found the secret to just about everything in the decimal expansion of pi and is pursued by religious zealots, greedy financiers, and others.

To Grow, Stars And Planets Need Space Dust.. And Formaldehyde? - SpaceDaily  Scientists at Ohio State University have found that a formaldehyde-based chemical is 100 times more common in parts of our galaxy than can be explained. The finding could change ideas about how organic molecules form in the universe, and how those moleculesí critical interaction with dust causes stars and planets to form. While scientists have long known that hydrogen is the most common chemical element in the universe, there are also large quantities of alcohol in dust clouds in space. The presence of methyl formate suggests that other molecules may play a more prominent role in star and planet formation than scientists ever suspected.

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