Intermediate Word:  obsequy -  (a) curse  (b) funeral ceremony  (c) act of obeisance  (d) eulogy
Difficult Word: - fipple  (a) docking cleat   (b) slider in a choke bit  (c) blacksmith' tool for dimpling iron  (d) block of wood in wind instruments

Oceans Turning To Acid From Rise In CO2 - SpaceDaily  A report issued by the Royal Society in the U.K. sounds the alarm about the world's oceans. "If CO2 from human activities continues to rise, the oceans will become so acidic by 2100 it could threaten marine life in ways we can't anticipate," commented Dr. Ken Caldeira, co-author of the report and a newly appointed staff scientist at the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology in Stanford, California. Many scientists view the world's oceans as an important sink for capturing the human-induced greenhouse gas CO2 and slowing global warming. Marine plants soak up CO2 as they breathe it in and convert it to food during photosynthesis. Organisms also use it to make their skeletons and shells, which eventually form sediments. When CO2 gas dissolves into the ocean it produces carbonic acid, which is corrosive to shells of marine organisms.    
Deep Impact Mission Could Help Earth's Defence Against Space Rocks - SpaceDaily  "We don't really know whether most asteroids are mostly solid, riddled with cracks or voids, or made up of lots of loose rubble," the British magazine New Scientist said last week, a comment that also applies to comets, which are likened to "dirty snowballs" and are usually bigger than asteroids. "Any attempt to push one out of the way, whether with rocket blasts or bombs, might shatter it instead and just lead to even more impacts." Former Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart last month lobbied the US Congress to consider funding a scouting mission or even a deflection mission to 2004 MN4    

Blair Contemplates Rift With Bush Over Climate Change - SpaceDaily  British Prime Minister Tony Blair was considering leaving US President George W. Bush isolated over climate change at last week's summit of Group of Eight (G8) rich nations in Scotland, a newspaper said Friday. It would be the first time that the G8 has faced a "split" communique in which leaders from seven countries agree to a statement without the US leader endorsing it, the Guardian newspaper said, quoting cabinet colleagues. The colleagues described Blair as showing great courage in standing by his position on fighting global warming, despite being advised that it is "a very dangerous thing to do politically."    

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