Intermediate Word:  amity -  (a) hostility  (b) equanimity   (c) inscrutability  (d) friendship
Difficult Word: - oenology  (a) study of wines  (b) study of city sitings  (c) study of chelonians (turtles and terrapins)  (d) science of accurate painting restoration

Vigorous Hurricane Season Expected To Strike United States - SpaceDaily  Left:  HurricaneShield windows and doors are made with a dual glazing system that sandwiches an interlayer between two plates of glass. This makes the laminated panes 100 times as rigid and five times as tear-resistant as other impact-resistant glasses, according to the maker. HurricaneShield glass withstood impacts from 9-pound lumber projectiles flying at 34 mph, says the firm.  Forecasters predict a "very active" 2005 hurricane season, with 15 named tropical storms and eight hurricanes likely. Yet, according to the Tropical Meteorology Project (TMP) forecast team at Colorado State University, 2005 will likely not produce hurricane activity as severe as the extraordinary 2004 hurricane season. "Residents along the East Coast should not expect the high number of landfalling major hurricanes or the unprecedented level of destruction to be the norm for this or future years," the forecast team notes. 
Specter Of Drought Hangs Over Europe - SpaceDaily  In Portugal, which was facing its worst drought in 60 years, conditions were described as extreme in half of the country by the national water institute. Wells have run dry in 25 villages, and trucks have been called in to supply 19,000 affected residents. In Spain, which is suffering one of the driest years on record, reservoirs have shrunk to almost half their normal volume, fields are parched and forest fires pose a growing danger of desertification in the European country most affected by this problem. "We must not confuse heat wave with drought," Bussereau said. "The shortage of water in a large part of France dates from well before the current period of extreme heat."    

Engineers Deliver Robot To Neutralize Remote Explosives - SpaceDaily  Engineers from the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate have rapidly prototyped, developed, and delivered low-cost expendable robots to disable and dispose of improvised explosive devices. This compact and versatile system, which costs roughly $6,700, is being deployed in rigorous environmental conditions where more expensive robots with a greater logistical burden are currently used. In just 90 days, the first prototypes of the system were delivered to users in the field. The BomBot is a modified 4x4 remote controlled truck with a pan and tilt camera and a charge dispenser..

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