Intermediate Word:  soliloquy -  (a) concept that only one's self is real  (b) parley  (c) conversation with one's self   (d)  self-pity
Difficult Word: - optative   (a) expressing a wish  (b) superfluous  (c) pertaining to vision  (d) dogmatic

Russian Sub To Launch Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Test Mission - SpaceDaily  Russia has dispatched a solar-sail spacecraft and a space parachute to waters off its northern coast to be launched June 21 from a submarine in the Barents Sea. The unmanned spacecraft with eight triangular sail blades, each 16.5 yards long, and a new inflatable deceleration device, have been dispatched to the main administrative base of Russia's Northern Fleet, Severomorsk, the Lavochkin production and science association said. Other participants in the testing of the device are the European Space Agency and the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company.         
NASA Sees Orbiting Stars Flooding Space with Gravitational Waves - SpaceDaily  A scientist using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found evidence that two white dwarf stars are orbiting each other in a death grip, destined to merge. The data indicate gravitational waves are carrying energy away from the star system at a prodigious rate, making it a prime candidate for future missions designed to directly detect these ripples in space-time. The stars are only about 50,000 miles apart, a fifth of the distance from the Earth to the moon. As the stars swirl closer together, traveling in excess of one million mph, the production of gravitational waves increases.    

C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars

Automatic house Sound wave showers and robots in the homes of the future  - BBC  What will the homes of the future be like? "Things like blinds, shades and canopies are going to become much more important," he adds. Mr Brindley says: "A flat screen on your wall could double up as your front door intercom, your computer and be used to watch films. "In the future, if you're taking a shower, will you take it with water, or with sound waves?" Small transmitters fitted in the packaging will transmit information which can be read by fridges or cupboards and then alert the cook when products are about to go off. 

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