Intermediate Word: 
  (a) helicopter  (b) buttefly  (c) one who studies molds  (d) pneumatic door closer 
Difficult Word: - hypophysis  (a) pituitary gland  (b) ductwork under a Roman building  (c) transitional curve between a pillar and its capital  (d) curve traced by a point on a rotating ellipse

Missing Black Holes Found - Space.com  European researchers have found 30 previously hidden supermassive black holes anchoring faraway galaxies, which suggests there at least twice as many of the colossal gravity wells as thought. "This discovery means that surveys of powerful supermassive black holes have so far underestimated their numbers by at least a factor of two, and possibly by up to a factor of five," said study leader Paolo Padovani. 
Autistic Savants Tapping Genius - ABC  The experiment actually inhibits some brain activity to afford in its premise, at least heightened access to the parts of our brains that collect raw information before the data is filtered into concepts. "We have these severely brain-impaired people who are performing what seems ostensibly to be a miracle," Synder said, referring to the extraordinary powers displayed by savants who otherwise have difficulting coping with everyday life. "It must be something that's in us all, and we can't access. They can." The question that Snyder studies is: can we unlock that same potential in our own brains without paying the price? 

Dino, BBC

Dino impact gave Earth the chill  - BBC  Left  The impactor theory is the favoured candidate for the demise of the dinosaurs.   Evidence has been found for a global winter following the asteroid impact that is thought to have killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The global winter was probably caused by a pollutant cloud of sulphate particles released when the asteroid vapourised rocks at Chicxulub, Mexico. "It must have been dark long enough to cool the oceans, but not long enough that the whole planet iced over - that's not what we see in the fossil record," said Dr Huber. This impact-induced darkness would have lasted between one and ten years on land, but there is evidence for a cooling of up to 2,000 years at El Kef. Positive feedback mechanisms may have prolonged the cooling effect of the impact winter in waters of intermediate depth - such as those at El Kef - and deeper. The Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction was a selective one; entire groups such as dinosaurs and ammonites were killed off, while others were left unaffected.

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