Intermediate Word:  regelation (a) to assize for adjudication by the crown  (b) division of a region into districts  (c) to refreeze  (d) implementation of a royal decree
Difficult Word:
  epicritic - (a) pertaining to the tactile/thermal sensory nerve  (b) a critic's critic  (c) meteorology: the frost line  (d) one who critques critical reviews

Europe sets aside $30 million to take CMOS to 22-nm  - CNN  LONDON A European collaborative research project to take CMOS down to the 32-nanometer and 22-nanometer manufacturing nodes is set to receive 25 million euros (about $32 million) in funding and has begun as a continuation from the 45-nm NanoCMOS project launched in 2004. PullNano is expected to go forward along the same sub-project lines to 32-nm and 22-nm over the next two-and-a-half years.      
Ancient Scroll May Yield Religious Secrets - Live Science  ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- A collection of charred scraps kept in a Greek museum's storerooms are all that remains of what archaeologists say is Europe's oldest surviving book -- which may hold a key to understanding early monotheistic beliefs. More than four decades after the Derveni papyrus was found in a 2,400-year-old nobleman's grave in northern Greece, researchers said Thursday they are close to uncovering new text -- through high-tech digital analysis -- from the blackened fragments left after the manuscript was burnt on its owner's funeral pyre. Large sections of the mid-4th century B.C. book -- a philosophical treatise on ancient religion -- were read years ago, but never officially published.      

HIV infections 'may have peaked  - BBC'  The rate at which people are infected with HIV may have peaked in the late 1990s, according to a UNAids report. It found the incidence of new HIV infections appears to have stabilised for the first time in 25 years. UNAids said improved funding and access to drugs appeared to be producing results - but said HIV remained "an exceptional threat". It warned the infection rate was still rising in some countries, and record numbers now live with the virus. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the epicentre of the Aids pandemic, with two-thirds of all people living with HIV coming from the region. Two million people died of Aids in the region last year and there were 2.7m new infections. India, Ukraine and the Russian Federation are particularly badly affected.

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