Intermediate Word: 
  (the study of a) the development of languages  (b) loving relationships in animals and people  (c) stamps   (d) tribal and clan relationships 
Difficult Word: - lickerish  (a) boot-licking  (b) produced as a pot brew  (c) lecherous  (d) back-stabbing

Biofuel Soars As Gas Prices Rise - SpaceDaily  Once a month, Tim Ridolfi pulls his 2003 Volkswagen Golf TDI into the Biofuel Oasis, a cutting edge fuel station located in a warehouse district on the outskirts of Berkeley. Instead of the usual lineup of snacks and sundries, the cashier's office sells homemade soaps and bumper stickers, while Latin American folk tapestries and a red velour couch decorate the store. What truly sets Biofuel Oasis apart, though, is what it sells at the fuel pump - 100 percent, vegetable-derived fuel. Though the price is difficult to stomach - a whopping $3.25 per gallon - customers like Ridolfi say the higher cost is worth the trade-off.
DoE Funds Multiple Fusion Labs - SpaceDaily  The Department of Energy has selected the University of Maryland, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Rochester to host two new Fusion Science Centers, Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, Director of DOE's Office of Science announced Thursday. The universities will establish academic centers of excellence that will focus on fundamental issues in fusion plasma science. The centers will perform research in areas of such wide scope and complexity that it would not be feasible for individual or small groups of researchers to make progress.   

Toyota Prius

Alternative fuels: Will the motor industry turn its back on petrol and diesel?  - BBC  Not only is the Prius exempt from London's congestion charge, it has also been a hit with politically correct trendsetters in Hollywood. But the hybrid option is a step which some major carmakers remain slow to take. General Motors will not have a proper hybrid in place until 2007, and its stop-gap version that merely allows the petrol engines on its Chevy Silverado pickups to shut down while waiting for the lights to turn green has been described as laughable by critics. Ford, too, has been slow off the mark but is catching up fast after it recently licensed hybrid technology from Toyota.    

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