Intermediate Word:  gumshoe -  (a) shoe with rubber sole and heel  (b) shoe that sticks to the floor  (c) detective   (d) spy
Difficult Word: - faitour   (a) turning point in one's life  (b) contributing factor  (c) subtle snide remark  (d) imposter

White Knight Prepares For New Mission - Space.com   The innovative carrier plane used to air launch SpaceShipOne has a new mission. At the Mojave, California inland spaceport, the White Knight mothership has been involved in fit and high-speed taxi checks with a new passenger the X-37, an unpiloted, reusable spaceplane.  The Boeing-built X-37 is geared to be a test bed for airframe, propulsion and operation technologies designed to make space transportation and operations significantly more affordable.
Burnt Coal From Dinosaur Age Sheds Light On Today's Global Warming - SpaceDaily  Left:  Nine tiny fossil leaves of conifers and extinct seed ferns from Baga Formation, Denmark, used to reconstruct the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere about 183 million years ago. The fossil leaves, which were extracted from rock by washing the rocks in acids, are more resistant than rock to acid. Photo by John Weinstein; courtesy of The Field Museum.  Oceanic anoxic events (OAE's) are extremely unusual in other ways, too. They are often associated with mass extinction among many marine organisms and coincide with periods of intense global warming. Now, a new theory holds that OAEs in particular the Toarcian OAE, which occurred about 183 million years ago during the age of dinosaurs are triggered by the burning of vast underground coalfields. These coalfields were set ablaze by the intrusion of molten rock from the Earth's crust.   

Russia To Submit UN Resolution On Weapons Ban In Outer Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Because we depend so heavily on space capabilities, we must be prepared when directed to confront adversaries on the high ground of space," former Air Force Secretary Peter Teets told Congress in March.  In an attempt to avert Washington's ambition of "space superiority," Russia is preparing to put forward a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly on measures to ensure that the outer space is free of weapons, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday. "Moscow was particularly worried about reports of US plans to deploy strategic weapons in outer space, in particular to deploy orbital missile defenses " 

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