Intermediate Word:  truncheon -  (a) raincoat with a high collar  (b) shaft support  (c) fruit-filled scone   (d) billy-club
Difficult Word: - lugger   (a) day lborer  (b) two- or three-masted fishing boat  (c) beast of burden  (d) lug wrench


Space Exploration Set For A Renaissance - SpaceDaily   When I was growing up in New York City in the 1950s and '60s, there were only three television networks, several dozen radio stations and a handful of newspapers  For the last decade or so, however, kids have been raised in an atmosphere of wild and enthusiastic intellectual turmoil. They can choose from hundreds of cable stations, talk radio and the vast variety of the Internet to seek answers to questions about any subject from many viewpoints. Having an open-minded perspective, they know just because something has been done one way for decades it is not a reason to continue in the same manner. In fact, it might very well be a reason not to.

Soap Chemicals may damage male babies  - BBC  Chemicals found in many everyday products can harm male reproductive development, research suggests. Phthalates are used in the manufacture of plastics, lubricants and solvents, and are found in cosmetics, medical equipment, toys, paints and packaging. The University of Rochester team, New York, found exposure to the chemicals was linked to a higher risk of genital abnormalities in baby boys. Previous research on animals has suggested phthalates may damage reproductive development by disrupting hormone levels. But until now evidence of a similar effect on humans has proved inconclusive. 

Image of a sunbather

Could sitting in midday sun without sunscreen be good for you?  - BBC  Scientists believe going out in the midday sun without sunscreen for 10-15 minutes is good for you, contrary to current advice. Enough vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth and bones. Researchers have also suggested that vitamin D might protect against some cancers. It was also possible to get plenty of vitamin D from the diet, by eating vitamin D rich foods such as sardines. For someone wearing a T-shirt and shorts, a daily dose of vitamin D could be gotten by lying in the sun on May 30 for 11 minutes in Edinburgh, 9 minutes in London, 7 minutes in Madrid, and 6.5 minutes in Athens. 

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