Intermediate Word:  pommel -  (a) fruit dish   (b) to rain blows upon  (c) saddle horn   (d) a
Difficult Word: - anguine   (a) snake-like  (b) oleaginous  (c) in a measured way  (d) mysterious

 Bridging the Gap Between Man and Machine - Space.com  “It’s just enough time if we’re very aggressive,” said Illah Nourbakhsh, robotics group lead at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California , of the 2020 deadline. “If we’re able to really focus on robot perception and manipulation, yes, I believe we can have robots build habitats on the moon.”  The goal of using robots in conjunction with human astronauts on lunar and planetary missions is to free up the living members of the crew for exploration and science.      
Extraterrestrial: Imagining Other Worlds - Space.com  First, there’s Aurelia, a hot-and cold world that is tidally locked to a red-dwarf sun that forever shines on one side of the planet. The dark side is shrouded in perpetual ice. Such a planet would be a challenging place to live, but scientists think that extraterrestrial life may actually exist in the comfort zone between all sun and all ice—not too hot, not too cold—on such planets. “Blue Moon” is the second ET stop over...     

Nokia launches Linux 'Internet tablet'  - El. Engr. Times  Nokia Wednesday launched a new type of mobile device, which it is calling an Internet Tablet, which it said will focus on Internet browsing and e-mail. The device, called the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, is based on Linux and has built-in support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the company said in a statement. It sports an 800 x 480 display and an on-screen keyboard.  Software included with the first version include Internet radio, an RSS news reader, image and media players. It will be available in 3rd quarter, 2005. Prices have not been given.

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