Intermediate Word:  revetment -  (a) legal document vacating claim to inherited item  (b) facing used to support an embankment  (c) military enlistment quota  (d) tripodal base
Difficult Word: - larigan  (a) hooligan  (b) cowpoke  (c) moccasin with knee-high leggings  (d) Irish club

Clue To Sudden Climate Change Found In Arctic - SpaceDaily  The study, published in the June 2 issue of Nature, pinpoints the exact location where freshwater generated by the melting of the massive Canada-wide Laurentide ice sheet entered the global ocean and caused the Younger Dryas cold reversal, a frigid period where the planet temporarily plunged into ice age conditions. As the freshwater - lighter due to its lack of salt content - flowed into the ocean it was transported across the pole into the North Atlantic where it shut down the process whereby heavy surface water sinks into the abyss and leads to a warming of the northern hemisphere. A rapid meltback of the Greenland ice sheet - another large accumulation of land ice adjacent to the North Atlantic Ocean - could theoretically contribute to another such shutdown.
Russia Plans Two New Missions To Mars - SpaceDaily  Left: Mars Express file photo of Phobos, which Russia says it intends to land a rover on. Desktop available - 1024x768  Georgy Polischuk, director general and designer general of the Lavochkin production and science association, was quoted by the Interfax-AVN news agency as saying the first mission is scheduled for October 2009. A research craft will orbit Mars, and then a rover will be dropped on the surface of Phobos - one of the tiny twin Martian moons, to collect soil samples to return to Earth. "The spacecraft will work on Phobos for three years," Polischuk said. 

Scientists Find Signs Of Early Neutrinos - SpaceDaily  According to the standard theory, neutrinos arose in large numbers out of the fires of the Big Bang. These so-called "background" neutrinos still exist: with 2,500 of them inhabiting every cubic inch of the universe.  Trotta and Alessandro Melchiorri of La Sapienza University in Rome have found evidence in the universe's distant past for wrinkles in this neutrino background. Besides supporting the Big Bang theory, the ripples also provide a unique test of neutrino physics. The background contains ripples, because matter was unevenly distributed as the universe began expanding.    

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