Intermediate Word: 
  (a) needlepoint frame  (b) bishop's crook  (c) drying frame  (d) ornamented pin
Difficult Word: - mutatis mutandis  (a) Heraclites' doctine that "all is change"  (b) replacing the old with the new  (c) "the more things change, the more they remain the same"   (d) postulated region outside the universe

Northrop Grumman Outlines Test Program For Military Space Plane - SpaceDaily  LeftAn early graphic depicting common aero vehicle design concepts that could be delivered using new reusuable military space vehicles under study by the US Air Force. Northrop Grumman's RAST concept is a rocket-propelled, two-stage-to-orbit space vehicle comprising a reusable, winged plane-like booster stage and a smaller, reusable winged orbiter. The RAST booster stage flies back to the launch site using an integrated air-breathing jet engine. The orbiter stage can either place small payloads in low-earth orbit, or deploy a common aero vehicle (CAV) that can deliver conventional munitions to global targets within a few hours.
Looking For Martian Life. Great Terraforming Debate: Part II - SpaceDaily  If we do find life on Mars, it will be very interesting to try to discover whether it is indigenous, which is to say a second start, and truly alien to us, a second genesis. In that case, I think we'll have to go and try to kill all the bacteria that are already there, inside the boxes that we've left, and try to clean up and really study it from a distance. That will be a really remarkable discovery, perhaps the major discovery in human history. But if we find that the life there has the same DNA, the same patterns, and is clearly bacteria that got bounced up there from Earth, or vice versa, and that we're all martian bacteria that got bounced down here and then evolved - if they're cousins, in a sense, then I think you could go on for a few centuries and begin to feel that we could move to Mars and live on Mars.  

Photo of GEM car with doors off

Top green car motors into the UK  - BBC  The Gem comes in either a two or four-seater version and has a range of about 40 miles between charges. "You're talking about 0.25p a mile to run it, while a petrol vehicle costs around 30p a mile." The two seater version will retail for just under 7000 while the four seater will cost 1000 more. With a top speed of about 30mph and a charge time of seven hours, it lacks the flexibility of a fuel-burning vehicle. There are also short and long pick-ups available at a similar cost to the saloon. The UK importer, ZEV Ltd, is confident of selling about 350 Gems in the next 18 months.

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