Intermediate Word: 
  (a) Okinawa kimono  (b) Arabic sand slate  (c) fermented mare's milk   (d) African beer 
Difficult Word: - papeterie  (a) paper covers on drumsticks  (b) box holding writing materials  (c) North African meat market  (d) Mideastern bazaar stall

Star Birth Gone Wild in 'Cosmic Hurricane' - Space.com   A shower of hot gas spewed from a galaxy loaded with pockets of intense star formation offers a window to the more violent early universe. The rapid-fire star birth in M82 was triggered by a collision with another galaxy, and the tremendous activity fuels a "cosmic hurricane is travelling at more than a million miles an hour [447 kilometers per second] into intergalactic space," said Linda Smith of the University College London.
Climate: Why Can't We Get Along? - SpaceDaily  Despite the highly charged emotions from the political extremes, there is a consensus over what science is firm in the climate debate. In fact, there is surprisingly strong agreement about the scientific basis for a warming planet. There are certain facts upon which almost every scientist involved in the issue agrees. Or, perhaps it is better to say that are research results on which nearly everyone concurs. So it might surprise some of those same skeptics Christy readily agrees with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's conclusion that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have increased from about 280 parts per million for most of the 20th century to about 368 parts per million in 2000. 

Lovell Radio Telescope, UM

Giant UK telescope gets upgrade  - BBC  Work has started to use optical fibres to link up the giant radio telescope at Jodrell Bank with five others that are scattered across England. The telescopes comprise an array called Merlin that combines the data from each so they perform as a larger telescope. The telescopes are currently linked by microwaves but replacing them with optical fibres will be a revolution. Astronomers say the new project, e-Merlin, will be a great leap in Jodrell Bank's ability to look out into space. The system will become operational in 2007 when Jodrell Bank will find itself at the centre of an unprecedented barrage of astronomical data.

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