Intermediate Word:  boyar -  (a) hotel doorman  (b) British redcoat  (c) tall beverage pitcher  (d) member of Russian aristocratic order
Difficult Word: - bract  (a) showy leaflet under flower  (b) shingle  (c) to legally condemn  (d) green, photosynthesizing flower cover

Baby Bursts Shed Light on Biggest Blasts in the Sky - Space.com  If you had X-ray vision, most of the objects in the sky – besides the Sun – would be too faint for you to see with the naked eye. But every once in a while – in some random corner of the universe – there would be a short burst of X-rays appearing almost as bright as the planet Venus is in visible light. They typically last less than a minute and apparently originate in distant galaxies—traits that also belong to gamma ray bursts (GRBs), the biggest blasts in the sky.    
Does Life Exist On Other Planets? - SpaceDaily  Recent research argues that an atmosphere rich in oxygen is the most likely source of energy for complex life to exist anywhere in the Universe, thereby limiting the number of places life may exist. Professor David Catling at Bristol University, along with colleagues at the University of Washington and NASA, contend that significant oxygen in the air and oceans is essential for the evolution of multicellular organisms, and that on Earth the time required for oxygen levels to reach a point where animals could evolve was almost four billion years. life on other planets orbiting short-lived suns may not have enough time to evolve into complex forms.    

Airline Seat Turned Into In-Flight Office - SpaceDaily   Chatting on a cell phone, surfing the Net from a laptop and watching video-on-demand will soon all become part of the standard flying experience, even in economy class, say exhibitors at the weeklong 46th Paris Air Show, which ends Sunday. Besides using their cell phones, passengers will be able use back-of-the seat screens to surf the Internet, select video and audio programming on demand, read the in-flight magazine or even a book, shop duty-free, and choose their on-board meals. One system on exhibit, Thales's TopSeries, can be installed on any type of aircraft. It is already available on a number of airlines.  

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