Intermediate Word: 
  (a) to emulsify  (b) to fine or swindle  (c) opening of a speech  (d) an eggnog-like beverage
Difficult Word: - exordium  (a) appeal to external authority  (b) membrane enclosing a seed  (c) opening of a speech  (d) postulated region outside the universe

Strange Comet Unlike Anything Known - Space.com  The comet, examined in a close flyby in January by NASA's Stardust spacecraft, has towering protrusions and steep-walled craters that seem to defy gravity. More than a dozen jets of material shoot out from its insides. Dust swirls around the comet in unexpectedly dense pockets. Among the bizarre features are two depressions with flat floors and nearly vertical walls that resemble giant footprints. They aren't structured like typical impact craters. 
Adam's mechanism can be used on any boat Paddle power: Young inventor hopes to row his way to his first million  - BBC  Adam has designed and produced a simple mechanism which can be used on any rowing boat to enable the rower to see where he or she is going. It is so simple, it seems incredible that no one has thought of it before. Darren Marshall and Keith Mooney, both 12, from Abbey Grammar School in Newry have invented a device to keep teething babies happy. When the child bites down on the plastic, it starts a tune playing which should, according to Darren, take the baby's mind off the pain.

Burning fossil fuels

Fossil fuel subsidies 'must end'  - BBC  The only way to meet international poverty targets is by a massive switch to renewable energy, such as solar power, a UK think-tank says. The report says a single year's worth of World Bank spending on fossil fuel projects could be spent instead on small-scale solar installations in sub-Saharan Africa, providing electricity for 10 million people. The report says these subsidies amount conservatively to about $235bn a year. It argues that they both distort the global economy and hold back the development of renewables. "Around the world control of fossil fuels is linked to corruption and violence.

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