Intermediate Word: 
  (a) from-head-to-foot  (b) at ground level  (c) subterranean  (d) second house or apartment
Difficult Word: - irredendist  (a) people and countries that seek to reclaim land  (b) someone who returns to the scene of the crime  (c) someone seeking restitution for an imagined crime  (d) someone seeking to return home

Armadillo Scores Test Liftoff Success In Bid For X Prize - Space.com  A sky-high success has been reported by Armadillo Aerospace of Mesquite, Texas. The group scored a perfect test flight [Video] June 15 of prototype hardware as part of their X Prize project, the Black Armadillo.Armadillo is one group among over two dozen teams from seven nations trying to win the Ansari X Prize – a $10 million offering that expires on January 1, 2005.  
Weighing Ultra-Cool Stars - SpaceDaily  Using ESO's Very Large Telescope at Paranal and a suite of ground- and space-based telescopes in a four-year long study, an international team of astronomers has measured for the first time the mass of an ultra-cool star and its companion brown dwarf. The two stars form a binary system and orbit each other in about 10 years. The team obtained high-resolution near-infrared images; on the ground, they defeated the blurring effect of the terrestrial atmosphere by means of adaptive optics techniques. By precisely determining the orbit projected on the sky, the astronomers were able to measure the total mass of the stars. Additional data and comparison with stellar models then yield the mass of each of the components. 

Did Comets Flood Earth'S Oceans? - SpaceDaily  Left:  Billions of years ago comets rained down on Earth helping to add vast amounts of water to planet. Did the Earth form with water locked into its rocks, which then gradually leaked out over millions of years? Or did the occasional impacting comet provide the Earth's oceans? The Ptolemy experiment on Rosetta may just find out… The Earth needed a supply of water for its oceans, and the comets are large celestial icebergs - frozen reservoirs of water orbiting the Sun. Did the impact of a number of comets, thousands of millions of years ago, provide the Earth with its supply of water?

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