Intermediate Word:  sirocco -  (a) Basque folk dance  (b) Spanish landed estate (c) hot, humid Sicilian wind  (d) the obligation of well-to-do Christians  to help the
Difficult Word: - dosser  (a) large pack basket  (b) file on some person or subject  (c) bedroll  (d) derriere

Rising Sea Levels Erode Half Of Bangladesh's Biggest Island: Study - SpaceDaily  Left:  From a size of 6,400 square kilometres (3,968 square miles) in 1965, Bhola island near the mouth of the Bay of Bengal is now only half its original size. (Note: dotted line is a political boundary, not a reference to previous size of island)  Dhaka, Bangladesh (AFP) Jun 15, 2005
River currents strengthened by rising sea levels have devoured half of Bangladesh's biggest island in 40 years, leaving half a million people homeless, researchers said Wednesday. If the erosion continues at the same rate, it will completely disappear over the next four decades, said Mohammad Shamsuddoha, who carried out the research for the Dhaka-based non-governmental organisation The Coast Trust. Last year scientists in neighbouring India warned that the country's coastal areas could see a rise in sea levels of about half to one metreto 3.3 feet) by 2020.
White House Environment Adviser's Move To ExxonMobil Criticized - SpaceDaily  Opposition Democrats criticized the administration of US President George W. Bush on Wednesday after it emerged a former top White House advisor on environmental issues, Philip Cooney, has taken a job with oil giant ExxonMobil. "This is just one more example of how the Bush White House is bought and sold by the very industries it is supposed to regulate," Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said in a statement. Cooney has no scientific background and prior to taking up the environmental post at the White House he served as a lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute, an association of oil and energy firms.    

Bush Pushes Energy Legislation - SpaceDaily  Bush outlined four steps he believes must be taken to lessen American dependence on foreign oil. First is to improve conservation and efficiency, he said, by developing hybrid vehicles, and encouraging production and use of clean-diesel vehicles. Second, produce and refine more oil domestically. Third, fe and using alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. Fourth, deal with rising oil consumption in Asia. "At the G8 meeting next month, I'll ask other world leaders to join America in helping developing countries find practical ways to use cleaner, more efficient energy technologies." Bush's fiscal 2006 budget includes provisions for $2.5 billion in tax incentives over 10 years to consumers for buying hybrid vehicles.

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