Intermediate Word:  friseur -  (a) mound on a glacier  (b) frozen dessert  (c) major domo  (d) hairdresser
Difficult Word: - rivage  (a) shore  (b) pieces that have been torn apart  (c) overflow  (d) inheritance after splitting into several parts

Space Tests Air-Launch Passenger-Carrying Rocket Concept - Space.com  Transformational Space Corporation (t/Space) of Reston , Virginia and Scaled Composites of Mojave wrapped up three weeks of flight tests yesterday, drop-testing prototype boosters at altitude. The tests are part of t/Space work on a proposed CXV people-carrying capsule and its QuickReach II booster concept.  According to t/Space, in addition to greatly enhancing safety, eliminating the wings increases the payload a rocket can take to orbit.     

Blogs: Sunny-side up for this airplane  - C/Net  The airplane will have a very lanky wingspan of 80 meters, or nearly that of the much bulkier new Airbus A380 superjumbo jet, and will weigh in at an "ultralight" 2 tons, backers say. It'll carry just a single occupant. Much of the weight will come from batteries that will store the solar energy accumulated during daylight hours via 250 square meters of solar panels atop the wings, according to a report from the air show. In the current design, two engines will provide 40 horsepower of thrust, but the aircraft will also glide at night, dropping from 10,000 meters to 3,000 meters.

Rice Prods Israelis To Curb Technology Transfers To China - SpaceDaily  Left:  Israel has been shopping UAVs such as the Harpy pictured here to their most-favored customer in Asia.  US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday prodded Israel to curb its military sales to China while acknowledging the allies have had "very difficult" talks on the matter. "We have had some very difficult discussions with the Israelis about this," Rice said. "And I think they understand now the seriousness of the matter and we'll continue to have those discussions. I would hope that our Israeli friends would understand that the United States, of course, has ... primary responsibility for defending in the Pacific." 

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